Teacher Appreciation Gift idea.

Every year I try to do something fun for the summer for the teachers that put up with my kiddos all year. :) (Though the teachers seem to get the very best out of my two and they save up the yuck stuff for home, lucky me!)

This year I picked up two soft sided coolers at Target and then used the colors for my theme. I picked up beach towels in the pink and green, added a magazine and a water bottle and then used the cooler as a gift basket. Hopefully stuff they can use over the break, that won't be too much "clutter" in their lives.

I also had the kids write a letter and make a card to include for their teacher. I'm planning on writing a letter myself, but I'm going to send an email and copy it to the principal as well at the superintendent, I was *that* happy with both the kids teachers this year. They were fantastic!

I also picked up a little something fun for the secretary this year. Last year I did something more for the office staff, but I knew them all and they helped me a ton with PTA. I only really got to know Mrs. B and she was forever patient with me about registration, questions and super helpful whenever I needed anything.

So since people are looking for ideas (this is how I get many of mine) I thought I would share some pics so others can use them too.

I just tucked this gift in a little black gift bag with white polka dots with hot pink paper. Looks really cute! 

If you have any great teacher gift ideas, please link your blog here and we can share ideas and steal ideas! ;) 


rosie said...

Those are cute ideas-and a huge thank you for reminding me that I need to do this as well. I usually just do gift cards, but maybe I will do something cute. Your gifts are super cute!

**MIGNONNE** said...

Nice gifts! I feel like a tool now for handing out caramel apples LOL!