Planting Ruth's flowers!

This morning after getting the kids out the door I met Ruth at her house to plant the flowers we bought last week!

Storms are expected all week, so today was perfect and the weather was wonderful for planting.

Here is our layout:

Tools of the trade:

Here we are working very hard! ;) :

A work in progress:


Note to self: Do not stand in pictures at 10 am when you haven't had a shower, you didn't comb your hair and your pants are too big and your shirt is too tight.

I'll get more pictures in a few weeks so we can show you how it fills in!


Jennifer said...

Beautiful!! What an amazing yard! What's that color called, that you see everywhere? Isn't it, like, "green" or something? I miss it. =)

Marlene said...

that is sure going to be awesome when it fills in! Are the flowers with the bluegreenish leaves and the pink flowers the same ones (I think they were a kind of dianthis) that I had under the tree in Idaho? The ones that look like mini-carnations and smelled real spicy? If so, they will really fill in beautifully! And they should winter well and be there again next year!

Heidi said...

Yup mom, they are! The ones in the back are exactly like yours, then in the front is a different kind, lower in height and smaller flowers. Then in front is a succulent that looks related to the Hen and Chicks, also an evergreen! She won't have to do much work in the coming years on that bed now. :) Plus she said every year it will remind her of me. Isn't she sweet? I'm sure going to miss Ruth!