Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

So we decided to head out to this park for some hiking to kick off the official start of our three day weekend.

We loaded up the entire family, (Tasha and Hallie included) and left Loco home to hold down the bed er...fort for us. (He didn't seem to notice we were gone)

The place was jam packed, but we figured that where ever we went this weekend we would run into crowds so we tried to not let it bug us.

We sat down in the shade and had a picnic before we set off on our hike.

We didn't get to do the trails we had planned because Hallie refused. She really didn't like all the stairs and kept sitting down. You would have to tug on her leash to get her to go and it didn't matter to her old bones if it was up or down. I joked to one guy that I was sorry, it was like being stuck behind the little old lady in rush hour. He laughed and said that was ok, but maybe we should get her a handicap sticker for her butt! :)

She just was not impressed with our efforts to include them. She is a house dog.

French Canyon

Hallie decided this was a good spot to rest. Some other people thought she was funny and took her picture too. Silly old dog. She had a good rest. It was hot too, 91 with humidity. So we were a little jealous.

Evan thought this crooked bench was hilarious. 

Kira's "help" lasted all of three minutes before she asked her dad to carry the backpack. ;)

Nice huh? It was *everywhere*.  We all managed to avoid touching it even though it was jutting out all over the place.

The top of Starved Rock.
We thought it was a rather odd view...


Korky's Mom said...

Ha! Poor Hallie. This is something my Korky would do. He is not a fan of the great outdoors. Too much time as an indoor dog I guess?

It looks beautiful there!

**MIGNONNE** said...

Gosh it's gorgeous there. The poison ivy freaks me out though. Scary.

Marlene said...

Dog-gon it Heidi, Haley is a H.O.U.S.E.D.O.G..... did you loose the memo? Poor old girl! She could have held down the END of the bed! Loco would have felt safer with her there, I'm sure! Either that or someone needs to start carrying her! I loved the sign for her butt suggestion!
Beautiful place, by the way!