While at Navy Pier we saw a Marrionette show!

I've never seen one before and the kids haven't either. It was really fun!

These are the singing serpents! They sang "Supercalafragalisticexpialidocious" and we got to see them up close and personal!

Some fun photo's just because.

Blogger is sucking right now.

It won't let me upload my pics at all since last night right after I posted that last blog post.

I will keep trying.

Lots of stuff went on over the weekend and some big Thanksgiving plans for this week too!

Check back soon, and I'll post on facebook when I have more to share!


Friday we skipped school!

Ok, just Kira and she only missed a half day. :)

Kim and Kira got our day started off with pancakes for breakfast! Yum!

Then we headed down to Navy Pier by train and bus. Evan and Kira had a great time, and we only got lost once. We just went out the wrong side of Union Station and so our bus wasn't running on that street. We had some lunch and then went for a walk until we found the right stop.

Waiting for the train. Sorry, that pic is lame.

Some fun around Navy Pier:

Kira found this at Build-a-Bear. She is an all out Cubs fan now. Thanks to Uncle Terry. ;) I told her I wasn't buying that for her Jaguar from there and to put it back. She pouted.

Boy, we were sure a motley crew that day! Ugh. ;)

Navy Pier itself and Downtown:

Kim was here!

And we had a fantastic weekend! We got her off to the airport this afternoon and then I *HAD* to have a nap before I could blog. I was pretty dysfunctional. It was determined that yesterday the only time I sat down before 9:33pm (I looked at the clock I swear on a stack of Bibles!) was when I was driving somewhere, and for a few minutes to down a burger at the mall.
After I picked Kim up at the airport on Thursday night, she stayed in the van and I went in and asked the kids to grab some bags out of the van for me. Kim had the camera, but she couldn't snap a picture before they attacked! They were SOOOOO happy. Evan hugged her and then said "Where is Uncle Jason?" and then wanted to know where the bags were he was supposed to grab. Totally missed the point. :)

After that the kids gave Aunt Kimi a tour of the house and then got tucked in so they would be well rested for a big day out.

Shawn went to Buffalo for work last weekend.

He took some great pictures I thought I would share of Niagra Falls and a couple of beautiful churches.

Zombie games and the corruption of my sweet baby boy.

Evan watches Shawn game. Scoots a chair over, gets yellow pillow (its his security blanket in pillow form) and watches his dad shoot zombies.

Seriously folks. It is just not right.

A little story about a very silly kitty.

When I got Tipper, in March 1995, he was one sickly little barn cat. He had so many things wrong with him, and I spent most of my savings at the vet to save his scrawny little life. My parents let me shop in their pantry or I might have just gone hungry.

He had ear mites, and several infections and couldn't eat regular food. I had to water down baby food meats and eye dropper feed him several times a day. I had to suction his nose and clean his goopy, nasty eyes. He looked mostly dead.

My roomate thought he WAS dead the first time she saw him, because I carried him around in a shoebox with a hand towel. He fit nicely and he seemed to be in pain if you held him or picked him up too much. She thought I brought a dead kitten to the apartment. He looked that bad.

Well. He got well and is still a trooper all these years later. But even though he outgrew shoeboxes he always feels safe and happy in them. It is like a security blanket. He doesn't mind if he doesn't fit. And if he can find one, you can bet he will be in it and sleeping soundly.

Fun at the park

Yesterday in addition to our photoshoot, we took full advantage of the beautiful November weather here in Chicago and played in the park. The kids started out by collecting pinecones. When I asked them what we were going to do with a big bag of pinecones they declared "You can make something with them mommy! Yeah! Like a wreath or something like that! You will think of it!"

So now I have a huge bag of pinecones. Suggestions? I could use some. :)

They also climbed the tree...well Kira climbed and Evan sat very bravely on the lowest branch about 3 ft off the ground.

Here are is a shot from the gorgeous park we found:

I'm pretty sure this about the only tree left with leaves. So pretty!

On our way back to the van Kira insisted that I take some "Hannah Montana" pictures. She wanted to do poses like she saw in her magazine. She insisted on doing it here with the sun shining in her eyes, but she thinks she looks fab! :) That's all that matters!

Whew! This is getting long!
We drove down about 2 blocks and found the second portion of the park with a playground and hung out there for another hour. (Can you believe I had to fight these kids at bedtime? How on earth were they not tired! Plus when we got home they played outside for TWO more hours with the neighborhood kids. Geesh!)
The little boy that was at the park was so happy! As soon as the kids got there he shouted "MY NAME IS L! Want to play with me!?" He was adorable, and his mom was really nice.