Evan's end of the year Kindergarten Presentation!

This by far was the best Kindergarten production I've been too. (And I've been to several.)

What I loved about this was that for starters it wasn't a "graduation". I hate those. I don't really even find them cute when my own kids are participating. We had Kira's for kinder and Evan's for pre-school. I'm just not amused by them and think they are a little on the silly side.

This was fun. It wasn't fancy. The kids didn't have to dress up or be formal. They did a concert for the parents and then we went back to the classrooms for a sweet slideshow set to music and snacks.

I really enjoyed that.

My favorite was when they sang along to "What a Wonderful World". Each child had made a poster that went along with the song. Evan's was "I see friends holding hands". So adorable. When their part came up they put up their sign.

Then at the end we got to see them all together:

They also sang two songs about love, "Love in any Language" and another I'm not sure about the name, but they did sign language for that one.

They also did another adorable song and I need to ask his teacher what song it was! I loved it.

I volunteered every Wednesday in Evan's class, and I'm really sad to see the year end. Especially knowing I won't see these kids again, and they are a great group of kids. I'll miss them for sure!

Evan with George, J, and Ms. W.


Marlene said...

Congrats Evan! And I love your sign with people holding hands. Wish you were in the front so I could see you better! Oh well, I saw your plaid shorts!
And you look so good in your glasses! Good job wearing them buddy! I know it was hard to get used to them, wasn't it?
Now you are a FIRST GRADER! YEA!