Eating, having fun, We ate alot!

After we arrived we had to get food. It was dinner and we got there early so we could watch batting practice in the hopes of some autographs. (That didn't happen but it was fun to stand right on the field for a few minutes anyway).

These guys were so fun and friendly, I almost didn't mind the prices. ;) 

We started the kids off with Pizza. And then it just went down hill from there if that is possible. I was getting very nervous. Evan has the weakest stomach. He over does it and pukes and I cannot handle vomit. It makes me very leary to feed this kid at a fair or game and then know I have to ride in a car with him.

The view from our seats:

Not too shabby!

Here are some shot of us watching the game:


Katie said...

Why did you eat an alot?!? You couldn't have had pizza with the kids?

Beth said...

That's no ballpark pizza, it's Connie's Pizza, and that's good stuff! Glad you had a great time, there is no better place than Wrigley!

Marlene said...

LOL - I love that Evan is eating cotton candy and crackerjacks! Did you sing the Buy me some peanuts and Crack - er- jacks song with them! I totally would have!
I'm so glad you got to experience this! And that you took your camera! ALMOST as good as being there!

Heidi said...

He ate peanuts too and sang the song but they sang it "Root, root, root for the Cubbies!" ;)

And Katie, I realized that after I approved your comment. And now I can't fix it.

Or I could and then you would look dumb. :)

Marlene said...

You never said - so I assume Evan didn't get sick after all the wonderfully healthy bball game food! And thanks to YOU I have to go back and take the space out of 'alot' a LOT! :)