Look at that baby bump!

My sister-in-law Brie and her husband Chris are expecting their first baby in October. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am! (For them and me! What can I say, I love babies, especially the kind that go home at night. ;) )

My sister Katie is also expecting number three and I'm equally excited to meet her new little one! 

But something is different about Brie's baby. And it is the fact that I don't have to share! I'm the only "real" Aunt! That makes me the numero uno spoiler! I have to share with Kim on my side of the family. And she is always more fun than me. I'm not the cool Aunt. 

I get to be the cool Aunt! And I don't have to even compete. Or share time allotted with said new squishy bundle of joy (Except with Shawn and the kids but they know who the boss is. ;) Plus I strongly suspect everyone else will disappear like magic when that little bundle fills a diaper) 

I'm so happy that we get to come home and meet this new little person right away, and love on him or her and spoil them to our hearts content. Plus, they are going to be such great parents! 

Oh and let me just add that I was the size of a house when I was pregnant. Ok. That isn't really true. I was more the size of an entire city block when I was pregnant. (We are talking maternity clothes for real at 8 weeks with Evan. I barely even had time to pee on a stick for crying out loud!)

I put up with endless inquiries about twins, and then looks of sheer horror when I assured them that indeed it was one baby that wasn't going to actually be born for approximately another 34 weeks.  Most women who had btdt looked at me with pity. In any case. Even my own sister couldn't have the courtesy to even look pregnant enough to warrant inquiries to her due date until well after was fair. (For me. This is all about me right now in this paragraph). So there we were 6 weeks apart only looking as though I was going to birth an elephant any day now and she was getting the subtle whispers "Do you think she is pregnant?" "I'm not sure, if she is she sure is tiny". You know. When you aren't sure so you don't comment lest you embarrass them because their baby is 39. Everyone was very confident in asking when I was due by my 11th week.

So thank you Brie. It is refreshing that someone else carries all out in front and looks pregnant like they should. It eases my jealous mind a tad to know I'm not alone in this world. ;) 


Katie said...

WOW...um, bitter some? I wasn't THAT small with Collin! And it's hardly my fault. You'll be happy to know that at 13 weeks I'm looking pretty fat. But not pregnant, just fat. I'm sure people think "She didn't lose much weight after her last one". Oh well.

But Brie looks great :) AND you probably will get to be the cool Aunt because your kids are old enough to say to them "I don't care if you think it isn't fair, I'm giving the baby a cookie and you can have an apple or some carrots. Take it or leave it." And not even feel that bad about it! Awesome :)

Marlene said...

LOL honey - hate to break it to you BUT you may be the only 'real' aunt but seriously? In this family, do you really think 'real' matters?! Phoebe and I are equally excited about this new grand baby! (Well, ok, maybe she is a BIT more excited - it being her daughter's first and all - but I am running a close second! And the two 'cousins' growing up so close in age is going to be a blast! And FYI - you were stinking cute even if you did get big so fast...... Love you!

Hiedi said...

I know the joys of being the only aunt and it is fun. I am cool Aunt Hiedi always and my sister's kids are always making me things because they love me so much.

Mary said...

Oh, Heidi. You KNOW I feel your big bellied pain.