Shedd Aquarium: Frogs and Reptiles!

Took over 500 pictures this weekend. I tried to narrow it down.

So I'm doing it by types of animals, and hopefully you'll see something interesting in the next few posts!

This Sea Turtle would.not.cooperate. I don't know how many times I tried to coax her to swim more slowly and to look my way, I even tried to remind her that she is my favorite animal, and that I love her.

She didn't care. I was snubbed. I think she is just stuck up. I'm certain other, nicer sea turtles would appreciate my love for them.

This River Turtle was nicer. Sort of. Wouldn't turn around, but didn't move around. He's Australian. They are more friendly I think. :)

This guy was out visiting. He is an iguana. I can't remember where he came from. Cuba? Columbia? *shrug*

Shawn got this great shot of the chameleon, I was too short. :)

I can't remember what type of turtle this guy is, but he was more cooperative than the rest of them. I am beginning to suspect they know my track record for keeping pet turtles. Hmmmm....

This is a Blue Iguana. They are endangered. :(

South American clown tree frog.

Sleeping Iguana. He was tired. I wanted to join him.


Katie said...

I'm leaving my comment on this one since no one has left one here yet :)

I love your pictures! You got some really great ones!

And I LOL'd at the memory of the jelly fish in Mexico. That was so funny and you are still the only person I know who has been stung by one! :)