A Party!

Today is Shawn's birthday, and his friend Nathan shares the day. So yesterday we had a little party.

Torrey came out and brought four of their girls too. So since it was near 90, we had the kids put on their suits and hooked them up with a sprinkler. :)

They all had a great time. I gave up on pictures, they will not stand still long enough for anything other than an out of focus shot on their way by.

It's ok. They had a blast and I captured their fun as best I could!

I managed to get three of the six to look at the camera (sort of) and smile for me (sort of) . You'll notice none of them belong to me. ;)

And this girl? Yeah. She's 11 and taller than me. It is not right.


Korky's Mom said...

This makes me want to get on a slip-n-slide like crazy!!!! Looks like tons of fun! :)

Marlene said...

Honey, I hate to break it to you but LOTs of people are taller than you! :) Cute shots, even if no one wanted to cooperate! Hope Shawn had a good bday! We'll party when you all get home!

wholarmor said...

Fun times! Wish it was warm enough here for sprinklers and swimsuits! But I don't envy the heat you guys get, either!

nana mac said...

you know Heidi- you are really going to miss the beautiful GREEN you get to enjoy there.........your place's scenery is outstanding!
Loved the fun pics too!!!