Flower Shopping.

Ruth and I are going to make her flower beds beautiful tomorrow.

So this afternoon we went to pick up some flowers. Evan came along for the ride.

They had some pony's in the pasture out back. This guy wasn't very friendly.

"He tried to bite me!"

Ruth's pretty cart! Pink and silver, this bed is going to be so pretty!

And this treasure! I love this. I think I'll make one when I get back to AZ with my dad. How easy! And I can just see each bottle with one Gerbera daisy in it! So pretty!  (So much cheaper to make than $25!)


Marlene said...

LOL - a daddy-do months before you get home! I LOVE it! :) And ya know what? So will he! Can't wait to show him your blog tonight!
And I love all the beautiful flowers for Ruth's garden! I want to get some more for my yard now that I have it bunny-proof (or at least as much as it CAN be! Stupid bunnies!)
And poor Evan - wanting to pet an unfriendly pony! He's so cute though!

Jennifer said...

Ooo, I love that bottle holder!! Todd might want to make one, too. I better wait til the bookshelves are done before I show him that picture. LOL!