Milwaukee Photoshoot

Kira and I decided to spend some girl time on Saturday.

Milwaukee is about as far away as Chicago for us, so we went north.

Someone recommended that we try the Historic Third Ward, so we we put it in the GPS and headed out.

On our way we were distracted by a HUGE antique shop (three floors of an entire building) and outdoor flea market all around it!

We got THE coolest thing EVER. I will post pics and blog about it later in the week. We are sharing it, and for $10 the happiness it  brings us for different reasons it was well worth the cost!

So while I had my pretty girl and my camera and some really great old brick buildings we did a mini photo-shoot.

Kira is such a great model and never tires of smiling for me. We had a blast. We also found an amazing paper shop that made me drool. It was called Broadway Paper. I didn't want to leave! We also used their wonderful red futon to take some pictures.

They were so nice I don't mind advertising for them a bit. (I'm sure they appreciate it, since my reader base of 12 lives mostly in Tucson. ;) )

And of course, I played with fun actions again in Photoshop because I can. If you grow tired of that. I apologize. The novelty of the new toy hasn't worn off yet and it's just fun for me to play. I'm easily entertained!

Two different "feels" for the red couch. Not sure which I prefer. You lose something with the color in the last one I think, but I like how it looks anyway. Kind of takes the focus off the color and puts it back on her? I don't know. What do you like best?

Some shots of The Historic Third Ward

And this last one is my favorite from the day! Thanks for looking! (And if anyone can tell me how to remove that darn glare from her lenses I would love you forever!)


Jennifer said...

Wow, Heidi, you're getting better with every shutter click!! And the colors are so vivid (Kira picked a great color to wear)! I personally like the brighter red couch picture, since Kira still gets plenty of focus with her shirt and smile. =)

Omg, I would have died in that paper store. Is that handmade paper hanging on the dowels, too?? I would go nuts (and broke) in there.

Heidi said...

Thanks Jennifer! :) That paper store was so amazing! I resisted and only spent about $20 in there (I had already spent my money at the flea market) But dang. It is just amazing!

**MIGNONNE** said...

I love that shot with your DD's hair swirling. It's magical. The one right above it is great too! I had no idea Milwaukee was so close.