Shedd Aquarium: Mammals!

This was my favorite part besides the turtles. I just think dolphins and whales are so cool. :)

We paid a little extra to see this show. I'm not sure it was worth it. The kids thought it was ok, Shawn and  I were "meh" about it. Kind of hokey/overdone. Not really our thing.

It was a "story" of sorts that was over acted, and kind of weird.

This is the best shot of the animals I could get from where we were with no flash and my short lens.

After the show we walked down a floor and you could see the animals playing in the water, the dolphins were moving really quick and playing lots so getting a non-blurry picture never happened. This was close though.
White Sided Dolphin.

This is the Baluga Whale. So cute!

She got Shawn and Evan when she breathed!

And then there were some Monkeys in the Amazon display, but they were all high in the trees, this was the best I could do. Not even sure what kind of monkey he is. I spent most of my time with the frogs in the Amazon area.


wholarmor said...

Cool! I think those pictures turned out just fine. Better than my camera would probably do, lol.
I like mammals, too- especially orcas, but they don't keep much of those in aquariums, lol.