Happy Mothers Day to me!

My kids are at the age where it is super fun to surprise me. And also at the age where they aren't very good at being quiet. They also don't understand how sound travels.

So I knew they were up and planning breakfast in bed well before they showed up to tell me "Happy Mothers Day! Stay in bed though, you can't get up!"

I loved that with a hardboiled egg I can "eat this with a meal". ;) And we won't discuss how we don't have "bagle's" or orange juice. ;)

I went ahead and ordered pancakes and Shawn added an egg for me so I could get some protein.

Then the whole time I was eating, the kids kept mentioning how hungry they were. When I pointed out that every other day of the year I have to get them fed, dressed and out the door before I can even think about my own breakfast, Kira responded with "Well, I still just really wish there was a Kira day and that it was today because I'm really hungry".

 They got me Amazon gift cards for books for my Kindle too. Then they went to the neighbors house to play and I had peace and quiet. I even had time to watch a movie. And I wasn't disturbed one time. Now that is a great gift I think most moms will envy. (Particularly Lori, the next door neighbor mom. ;) At least the kids had to play outside right?)


**MIGNONNE** said...

That menu is so adorable! Icy water. LOL! Too cute. It was very sweet of them to serve you breakfast in bed. Happy Mother's Day Heidi.

Marlene said...

Well dang! What a cute menu! Yep, I remember the days when I could smell stuff burning, hearing stuff hit the floor, and all the rucus of trying to find things... then I got to eat it! Never did find out what was picked up off the floor, etc!)Did you have to clean the kitchen?!?! :)
Yep, Mother's Day isn't the same after they grow up a bit. We drove to Kimi's this AM for biscuits and gravey! Yummy!

Jennifer said...

That's sooo cute!!! Lol!!

wholarmor said...

That is awesome! Love the menu! My husband served me dry cereal in bed because he was afraid that milk would spill. :P
I'm glad you had such a great Mother's Day!