Six Flags a continuation...

Lets hope Blogger is feeling more cooperative today!

I don't have much time for talking about the pics, since I should be packing and cleaning rather than blogging. ;)

So for this post and the rest, I'm just going to post pictures. If you have questions about something specific, ask me in the comments section. But this should make things go a little faster. Then I'm going to be down for a week or two while we move across the country and get set back up again.

I'll be back though I promise!

Kira and Shawn loved this ride, Evan was too short so he and I had a treat while we waited. ;)

We waited in a lot of long lines. ;)

So we had to find ways to entertain ourselves.

Ahem. I mean I had to find ways to entertain myself. And luckily I had a camera!

Kira and I sat in the front of the boat so we would get wet. Our theory backfired.


While waiting in this line Six Flags had a power outage. It lasted far too long and they didn't bother to announce there was an issue they were working on or anything. Very poorly handled, IMO.

Some of the kiddie rides were working. So the kids finally decided that they would do that at least.

They were really bored.

And while I am always the self designated family photographer, we keep Shawn around to navigate. Thanks to him, we had a great time, saw most of the park, and didn't get lost one single time! Yay!

Over all, we had a really good day.


Six Flags: Great America!

So we have had a super busy week!

Monday we took the kids to Six Flags. In February they had to read for six hours to earn a free ticket through their school. That was easy for my kids to attain! Kira finished in about a week. ;) 

Then there is a buy one get one free special right now, so for $55 all of us were able to get into the park! Great deal!

We had a really good time even though it was pretty humid, and for about an hour and half only the kiddie rides were available (and not even all of those) due to a power outage issue they were having. 

The obligatory picture at the front entrance. Why do we do this to our kids? They are >.< this close to getting in the gate and we stop them and make them say cheese. So mean! 

This lady told them good job on their reading! So nice! 

This is what you see when you get through the gate. So pretty. The carousel was the first ride we went on too. I love that it is a double decker!

This spinning in two directions thing looked much better to me from the ground. :)

The kids did this ride while Shawn talked to someone about the tree falling on our car. 

Then we decided it was time to eat. So we had lunch at Johnny Rockets. Some random lady took my food, then complained about how *her* order was wrong. Stupid woman. So it took an extra long time to get our food and it was also wrong (since it wasn't *our* food) But once we got it, it sure tasted good!

Okay, I'm going to stop here and continue in another post because blogger is giving me fits tonight. Grrr. 

I'll be back with more tomorrow. :)
Plus pictures from Blackberry Farm! So much fun! 

A tree fell on our car!

Can you believe it! Crazy storm that blew out windows on the Sears Tower just after we left it for the day, also blew a tree down in our neighbors yard and it landed on Shawn's car! Lucky for us, its the car that is being shipped to Tucson, because had I been home it would have hit my van. And that would have been a problem bigger than a tree falling on your car.

So as you look at this photo I park on the right of the civic. I would have had a very smashed up van. Lucky I missed my train downtown and threw my day off by an hour.

The glass shattered but stayed, lucky for us too, because the torrential rain would have made a mess of the inside with no window an no way to move the car or cover the hole with the tree in the way!

You can see it hit the roof and then slid down to the trunk.

Keith spent several hours getting the tree off our car. Shawn would have helped but he had worked all night the night before. So lack of sleep and a chainsaw is a bad idea. Keith said it didn't matter to him.  I still felt bad he had to do it alone. I would have helped, I've chopped and stacked enough wood in my day, but I had to take Kira to the parade.

Kira's Cheer Camp

Kira decided to give cheer leading a try and this camp was a perfect match for our over packed last two weeks of living in Chicago.

The camp was put on as a fundraiser by the local high school cheerleaders and was only for two days. Then they were in the community days parade on Saturday!

On the second day they did a little dance performance for the parents,  and Kira was at the camp with her friend from the neighborhood M.

Waiting for her groups turn to perform:


Then here she is at the parade, can you spot her? (Look center)

Sears Tower Part Three: Heading Home!

Getting home was rather unadventurous. Thank goodness. The only weird part about it was going really slow for a bit due to the storm and restricted speeds on the track.

No big deal.

What amused me was when we bought our tickets, there was one window open.

But the line looked like this: 

Go figure. ;)

Cool clock at the station:

Ipod: Check
Tween Magazine: Check
Snack and drink: Check
Ignore your mother for the entire time you are on the train: Check