Lunch with a good friend!

Ruth took me out to lunch yesterday.

We caught the early train (and let me tell you I'm *SO* happy I did that for the first time with a native!) Union Station was a river of people. You just went with the flow and eventually wound up outside. It was insane. Ruth of course handled it with grace that you can only have having lived in a big city all your life. I felt like such a country bumpkin in that rush hour mass of people!

Once we got out of the train station we took our time walking to Water Place Tower, and I thoroughly enjoyed my private tour of the city. I only took my little camera with me, and regretted it later. Though Ruth offered to take the kids one day so Shawn and I could walk Michigan Ave and I could take my good camera along for the ride.

Right now the city is blooming with tulips and it is just beautiful. My camera just doesn't do it justice!

Lunch was wonderful and the company was even better. Thanks Ruth, I had a great time!

This building is so big it has its own zip code. Can you guess what it's called?

Bleeding hearts. Or ladies in a bathtub. :)

In a storefront window, then a fun effect to make it look old. 
The fabric doesn't look great, but not bad for my p&s.

This is part of the church where Ruth was married. It is gorgeous, and I will get tons more pics when I get down there again for sure. It is just amazing. The rest of my pictures didn't turn out at all. :( But at least I have a goal! 


Marlene said...

beautiful shots of the flowers honey! And that last shot of the church is amazing! What a beautiful old building! Did you find out the history of it?

Heidi said...

I found out some of it, but I'll get more and then make a post about it when I get better shots. It is amazing. And the chapel is gorgeous too, the stained glass, the smell! It's wonderful. I can't wait to go back and try again!

Jennifer said...

Wow, I agree, the last one is phenomenal! I love all the pictures!! Especially the daffodils with that tall building, plus all the tulips -- I love tulips!!

[FYI, the word I have to type for word verification for this comment is jubahuba. Lol!]

**MIGNONNE** said...

I love the shot of the Tribune building. Isn't Chicago great? It is still in the running for our summer vacation location.