Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Land of beer and cheese.

We didn't eat any cheese, unless you count what was on the kids burgers. But we did find the beer. ;)

Last time Kira and I went up we found a gift idea for my dad. I didn't get it, but after talking with Shawn we decided to go ahead and do it. (Look for it in the mail this week, sorry it's late Dad!)

So we took a day trip again and did some shopping and had lunch out.

The kids were being terribly cranky and whiny all day, but Shawn and I tried to ignore them and pretend we weren't their parents and for the most part enjoyed ourselves in spite of them.

We had lunch here. Good food. And apparently good beer. (Like I would know?)
Shawn bought a six pack for home, so it must be tasty.

The kids had their rootbeer and it was really good.

I had a Diet Coke. ;OP

After lunch we thought about taking the brats children home for a nap. But then on the way to the van I saw this: 

And so I mumbled something incoherent to Shawn about kids, food, van, blah, blah, something, something, and went in.

It was like a little slice of heaven. If I ever get that beach cottage I dream of I will shop for the whole house at Anthropologie. Because I love it so much I want to marry it.

I dream of a rusty table with mismatched chairs in a fragrant overgrown flower garden. (See why I need a beach house? You can't have anything over grown in Tucson unless you make over a million bucks a year to pay the water bill)

There was more eye candy than I could bear. It is just such a cool store.

And these shelves. I actually want to put shelves like this in my house in Tucson, so this is my reminder picture. And the candle is something or other aloha and it smelled like heaven. Or at least what Heaven would smell like if I had created it. But I couldn't find the size I wanted and I couldn't part with $18 for a candle. 

This was the back side of a display. Cool backdrop, too bad I got really bad exposure on the shot. But at least the kids weren't hitting, punching, whining, crying, complaining or bitching at me at that exact moment. So it's a good picture.

So we left and drove around Milwaukee just to see the place. This building is cool. Here is the top:

and the rest of it:

Then some of the houses we saw and thought were pretty:

On the way home the kids conked out so we stopped at A&W . :)

The end.


Helena said...

I am intrigued by the tall building. Especially the big arch at the bottom. What does it open into? What lies beyond?

Heidi said...

Helena, we aren't sure. We were driving by. ;) Shawn loved that bottom part too. I took a close up but it revealed nothing!

helmet hair 365 said...

Root beer and cheese curds would be my ultimate Milwaukee meal, I think! I always thought Anthropologie was a clothes store-- it looks awesome.

johnsoncircus said...

love the pictures of Anthropologie! I love that table in the first picture.

Kat said...

What a good time! I'm telling you that candle is worth it! I have it next to me, unlite and it smellls yuummmm!

Heidi said...

Oh great! Kat, you are making me regret it! Darn! I may head up to Milwaukee one time by myself to take photos of all the churches they have on the south side of the city, and I might just have to go splurge!

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures!! And I can't believe you've never been to Anthro!! (Though I shouldn't talk -- I'd never been until the one at La Encantada opened. =))