Evan's Yardsale Find.

Last Saturday we went to a few yard sales on a whim.
Evan found these squirt guns for a quarter each! He was super excited, and used his own money to buy them.

Then regardless of the rainy weather, he's played with them after school all week. "If it's raining, it won't matter if I get wet".

You can't argue with that logic really. ;0P

You know where this is going now right?

Yup. He had to do it! :)


Marlene said...

LOL - I love the expression! Must have tasted really yucky! And he's right - you can't get wetter than wet!

Helena said...


Katie said...

Nothing like plastic tasting water out of a squirt gun. I could taste it myself after I saw that picture!

Jennifer said...

Been there, done that!

Wingnut said...

He does make a good point! My own son adores playing with water...he starts begging to do so in early April. Every year.