Take me out to the ballgame...

The final post!

Are you sick of baseball pics yet? I know I am. But that may be because I'm the one sorting, editing and trying to narrow them down so as not to bore you all to death. I *love* to read blogs when people include lots of pictures, but I always feel like maybe that's a bit boring when they are my pictures.

So first are some shots of Wrigley and then some of the players. Followed by a really cute story about Kira. :)

The buildings all around W have bleachers on top. Pretty cool I thought!

Jackie Chan threw out the first pitch.

So Kira had a fun little surprise.

One of the attendants at the game walked up to us and handed Kira this envelope:

She was really surprised! (So were we!)

Needless to say, she *loved* it. :) (It's a picture of Randy Wells, she has no idea who he is and she doesn't care. It is special none the less. ;)

Both kids got this certificate after the game too. Kira's picture was blurry, but Evan's turned out cute.

That's it. Thanks for reading about our adventures in baseball!

Edited to add my picture of the signs after the game! I can't believe I forgot to include these!


Marlene said...

Oh my GOSH! How totally cool was that! Bet Kira can get some cash from a certain uncle for that picture! Can't tell - - is it signed? (hint: more cash if it is! :) )
And how did they get their certificates?
Kira looks so very happy! Great shot Heidi! and Evan is so cute with his certificate! And daddy looks a bit smitten too!

Heidi said...

LOL Mom, Kira loves that picture and is "keeping it forever and ever!". It's not signed.

The certificates are at Fan Services, we had to wait in line. Lots of adults were getting them too. It was worth it.