There was the obnoxious guy next to us, but he got kicked out. ;)

But then there was the group of guys behind us (and one girlfriend) who were so awesome to my kids! If you guys ever randomly stumble on this strangers blog, let me just tell you again THANK YOU! (I did tell them in person after the game).

They high-fived. They fist bumped. They jumped up and down and cheered and they even tried to watch their mouths. ;)

They truly made it a fun, happy experience for my kids. That fans are a community of people with a passion. And that there is nothing more fun than making friends where you had none!


Katie said...

Awww, I can remember experiences like this where I was the adult cheering along with other people's kids. Now that I have a child of my own I can't wait for her to experience kind strangers! Such fun and your kids are adorable!!

Marlene said...

Thanks to the guys behind my grandkids from Grammy!