Retro McDonalds...

So Libertyville has got to have one of the coolest McD's ever. I am not a fan of eating there, ever, but the kids were really awesome at the bank today and I promised they could pick where we would eat. I have to admit, that while not the best, the Caesar salad with grilled chicken was tolerable.

The kids loved the seating, though they mostly faced each other and chatted the entire meal and I was kind of the third wheel today...I needed a date I guess. *sigh* Shawn was having lunch with some guys from work and I bet it was fabulous! (Anything would have been more fabulous than McD's right?) In any case the music was good! "Oh, oh Iiiii Should have known better...." Kira wanted to know why I knew all the words and I told her that Grammy would torture us with her music in the car when we were kids. She piped up with "Oh, like you make us listen to Dave Matthews?" WHA???? Not AT.ALL.THE.SAME!!! My music is COOL. Grammy listened to OLDIES!

Then Kira got all silly and made her ketchup a "pool" and her fries were the people and then apparently they commited suicide by jumping out of the pool, hopping across the napkin and being eaten.

Then we rounded up all the Barnes and Noble giftcards with left over amounts on them (Miwa did the leg work to get the balance for me when we moved...what I nice thing to do! Made it easy to know what we had to spend, Thanks Miwa!)

Kira read several books while Evan played with two little girls at the train table, she made her choice the minute she walked in the kids section and never looked back...not a book today. No, not this little Hannah Montana fan.

Once I was able to pry Evan away he found Max from Where the Wild things Are and replaced his torn up copy of the book with a new hardcover version.


Blogger doesn't like me. Sorry about the weirdness below, I'm continuing up here because I have no idea how to fix that mess.

So seeing Patty and catching up was so fun. The best part about old friends is that no matter how long its been (7 years for us now) is that you just pick up where you left off. It's like no time has passed. We just started talking and hanging, and our kids got along great. Conversation just flowed. It was just so *nice* you know?

Kira and Michael took pics, here is what I got on my camera...

The kids also hit it off, though getting four kids to cooperate for a picture when 3 of them are male can prove interesting...

Then the kids just spent tons of time (we were there for four hours!) just playing on the splash pad and at the park.

Michael told Quentin that he thinks Kira likes him...that is unfortunate for Kira though, apparently Michael is taken. He is eight after all. ;)

Wrapping up the day, Michael, Kira, Evan and that little pink blob is Andrew. That whirlwind is *tough* to photograph! Mover and a shaker that little guy.

And one more with me in it, because you never see me. Not my favorite shot, but not the worst I've seen either.

Good night all!


Today was insanely fun, but exhausting! The kids and I went to meet an old friend of mine (from 5th grade!) (in terms of time not age, we are the same age, and we know I'm not OLD). She brought along her wonderful husband and two boys who are just lovely! Such good boys and smart!

We spent the day having lunch, then going to a water splash park and then going to dinner together too!

First we stopped at Wendy's and we were a little ahead of our friends. My kids were *starving* (it had already been over an HOUR since their last snack, so you can imagine how they were shriveling up and practically dead by now) so we called and asked if they would mind if we ate right away and they said not at all.

So Evan doesn't normally like french fries and so I always order the fruit for him for his kids meals. Today he (of course) decided he wanted fries after the food came.

So I gave him some money and told him to go ahead and go buy some. He was a little shocked and hesitant but put on a brave face. Can you tell he was a little proud after his transaction?

The park itself was just beautiful. It's about an hour from our house, but I think we may make the drive again, it was really a great way to spend the day. The temps were in the upper 70's low 80's, not too humid...perfect summer day.

Somewhere on the road between Tucson and Chicago, we pulled off the interstate for a gas station with no restroom. What!? Who designs these places. So we had to go on a bathroom hunt. I chose Starbucks. Shawn rolled his eyes, but stopped and Kira and I ran in. On the way out, my sweet girl after my own heart asked for some Chai tea. How can I resist that adorable little, I can, but I thought it would be rude to only order for myself and tell her no. (which is what I usually *do* but we were traveling...) So I of course then had to figure out what to do with Evan. Something chocolaty and "like" a milkshake was whipped up by our friendly barrista. He was thrilled.

When we got back to the van Shawn rolled his eyes further back in his head than before. Then Kira asked if she could text Aunt Brie.

So. Here are some pics of my kids, appearing to drink coffee while my make that *7* year old texts from her BOOSTER seat. (Now I'm rolling my eyes). But rather than put a stop to the insanity, I took pictures for scrapping and blogging. Never fear, I have my parenting priorities in perfect order. ;OP

Cheers! It's chocolate! It's "special"! It was really sticky to clean off the side of his seat two hours later...

And then there is this: Seriously? What more can possibly be said?

Getting our priorities straight...

I've always felt a little bit sorry for Shawn growing up in that God-forsaken land called the desert. I mean, how on earth can a child develop properly without GRASS to play in and snow to go sledding? So what did I do? Married him and am raising my poor children to be just as deprived.

Luckily due to the transfer my kids at least get to have a year of "True Childhood" or TC.

And luckily for them they have a mommy who has experienced TC and can help them out now to enjoy this grand opportunity!

So first things first. Before we had furniture. Before we had a place to sleep and more clothes than fit in our suitcase, we went to Target. We bought some essentials. Peanut butter, cheese, milk. You know. And a Slip 'n Slide.

We bought the MEGA monster crazy, over the top EXPENSIVE slip 'n slide, not that wimpy $7 one for my kids for one lousy summer! No way. We got the mother of slip 'n slides that required inflation and directions.

Kira complains that it makes her tummy muscles hurt. I suppose that is a downfall to running and slamming yourself intentionally into the ground to slide down a strip of overpriced plastic, but we are talking about TC here, it must be endured.