Husking corn and taking pictures.

Yesterday the kids talked me into fresh corn and strawberries.

It wasn't difficult. I'm sort of a pushover when my kids beg for good stuff. I mean, I can say no with the best of them to cookies, cakes, and donuts. I really can. I'm rarely the "nice" mom because truth be told, my fat butt cannot stay out of stuff like that if I bring it home. So I don't. But when you have a kid *begging* for corn? Really? How can you say no? (Though I admit with a kid like Evan, who would give his right arm to be a vegetarian, I do have to say no sometimes because he has no sense of what "In season" means).

I sat them outside and brought my camera to practice. I suck. The exposure is wrong. Again. Mary wrote up a tutorial on her blog for me (I *love* that she took the time to do that for me! Isn't that so cool? Thank you Mary!) and so hopefully this week I can get one of my cranky kids to cooperate and let me try again.

In any case, since I know everyone that reads my blog (or most of you anyway) don't give a rats bum about my exposure, you just want pics of the kids, I can offer that at least!

Dinner was funny.  Frozen, cheap pizza, corn on the cob (also cheap, I love that about the midwest!), and strawberries! Yay for strawberry season! (Also cheap!)

Plus, since the kids never had to husk corn that they also had to weed, they think its *fun*. ;) I bet my mom would have given HER right arm to have her kids think it was fun. (am I right?)

So anyway. The technically crummy pictures, but at least the kids are decent to look upon.


Helena said...


Marlene said...

I love it! And yes, I would have given my right arm for kids that loved to weed and harvest the food! sigh
I love that Kira's tongue is out! And Evan's! THAT'S my grandkids right there! :)
And the berries look so yummy!
And I DON'T give a rat's bum about the exposure! I just miss all my kids! Hurry up July!...............

Katie said...

I loved Kira's tongue too! LOL And I think the strawberry pic is great! :)

Jennifer said...

I <3 strawberries, and your kids looking so intent on husking corn!