When you give a 6 year old a camera for the afternoon...

You get what you get.

Self portraits: (some more artistic than others)

Monster truck meetings:

Cliff diving 101: (It always works out better in the movies)

And, um...about 26 pictures of the underside of your picnic table...: (yeah, not sure about that one either, I'm just his mother.)


Marlene said...

very nice Evan! Cool shots of the monster trucks! We sure miss you!

Katie said...

LOL Got to love that boy. Good thing you have good documentation of the underside of the picnic table. Lest you forget when you come home.

Heidi said...

That's right. You need other perspectives of where you lived. Give the kids a camera and you will get them for sure! :)

Ariana said...

lol! The picnic table, how thrilling.
My 6 year old always takes at least ten pictures of the ground when I let her use my camera.
Why the ground?
Kids are weird. lol

I love his self portrait and the up close car shot. He's got talent :)

Disneypal said...

Cute !! The picnic table photos are funny ! Love the monster truck shot - very good angle !