The Great Train Story

The Great Train Story model railroad allows you to witness more than 30 trains running on 1,400 feet of track, completing the winding journey between Chicago and Seattle.

This was by far Evan's favorite part of the museum. He could have stayed all day. I wish I had been able to go to the top floor to get an overview shot, but we ran out of time. Evan chose a train to follow and followed it the whole way from Chicago and back again, at one point he continued on and we stopped. He was clear on the other side of the exhibit, still following his train when we found him. It scared me to death.


For scale. Yes. That is a full size, actual 727 boeing over head.

In addition to the model scale set up, there was a steam engine too. Evan like that part as well.


Jennifer said...

Wow, that train thing is AWESOME!!! I would have loved to work on the details of that kind of thing. So neat!!