Open House!

Last night the kids school had an open house. So we got to go see all the projects they have been working on, see their classrooms on a tour given by them, and most important of all pick up their Six Flags tickets. ;) (They both won them for doing 6 hours of reading in the month of February. So easy for our little book worms!)

First we stopped by Kira's classroom. 

This is her wooden spoon doll.

Her Dinosaur egg with facts about dinosaurs written on there.

Some of her art.

Mrs. B and Kira. I could not have asked for a better teacher for Kira. A match made in heaven. I will really miss her. I know Kira will too. She is just wonderful and so amazing at what she does.

Next we went to Evan's classroom. It was decorated to look like we were under the ocean. :) (I had a picture but it had too much information in it to make me comfy so I took it down, but the blue paper was draped in rows from the ceiling to look like waves! So cute. Then turtles, jellyfish, dolphins and whales were hanging down from it.

The kids were scuba divers in the sea.

Showing daddy around the room.

This was good for them both. I volunteer every week, so I see a lot of this already. Shawn never gets to see it. So I chatted with the other mom's and let Evan have some time with his dad.

It was fun. Kira even cleaned her desk for us. :)

I totally remember doing that so my parents could see how tidy I was at school.


Marlene said...

Wow - nice artwork kids. I LOVE Kira's with the perspective! And Evan's turtle is the BEST! I know you will miss all your friends there but we will be so glad to have you home!