Happy Easter!

We had a pretty good Easter, even though it was not quite the same without our families.

It was  a pretty laid back event. We colored eggs last night, and then the Easter bunny hid some eggs all over the yard and left some fun stuff in the kids baskets. No pictures of that this year because the kids had torn into those suckers before we were awake. ;)

Kira got a Cubs hat and an itunes card. She was thrilled. Loves those Cubbies (and has her uncle Terry wrapped around her little finger for it too!)

Evan got Lego Starwars for the Wii.

Kira made me this fun egg, and I had it for breakfast. :)

Grammy and Pop sent a little box and Kira got a stuffed lamb. She said 'Grammy always knows exactly what I want without me even telling her!"  Evan got some new Bakugan thing and he was very excited. On the back they wrote that he would have to teach them how to play, he just sort  of gave us the raised eyebrow. I'm not sure he has the confidence that you can learn. ;)

 Then came the box from Katie and Terry. Katie called and absolved herself of any wrong doing last night, firmly placing all the blame on Terry. We'll send you the dental bill in June. ;0P

But seriously, the kids had a blast with this box, even if their teeth are going to rot and fall out of their heads.
I didn't get the pooping pig or rabbit in a picture, I will do that though for later. Kira said, "Oh man! Evan, this is *SO* not right! They poop candy into a bucket and then you eat it!" Evan laughed hysterically.

Thanks for the fun easter goodies everyone. The kids really loved it! (And so did we ;) )


wholarmor said...

Very cool! It's great seeing the kids having such a fun time!
Happy Easter!

Jennifer said...

Woo hoo, love Kira's Sycamore shirt! =) Represent!