Feeling very overwhelmed by pictures.

I really wanted to go through the museum a little at a time. And yet it feels very overwhelming considering all the fun things we did this week, and how many pictures I took.

Most of the time I am glad I took so many, but this time I'm just feeling like there are too many things to sort through and fix up and choose from. So this will be the last museum post for now. I am just going to put in my faves from the day, and then move on. I may or may not come back to them, but this is what I need to do to maintain my sanity.

Driving a John Deer!

Learning about hot air balloons

The kids and the crew that captured U-505 in 1944. And below the U-505.

The kids in front of the tornado, and below they are in control of the tornado, how wide, how fast, etc.


Helena said...

I often feel overwhelmed by pictures. The curse of the digital age.