REAL Simple Magazine had a party downtown today.

So we went.

Ruth and I took the train and met Shala.

It was kind of so-so, we didn't do the free manicure or makeover because the lines were insane. But we enjoyed the stage presentation by Mario Tricoci  with tips and hints about how to make your hair look fabulous! ;) He entertained the heck out of me. I was also apparently the only person there who didn't know who he was. I'm so  uncool when it comes to this stuff. ;) I'm a true fashion-don't. Oh well!

Shala left a little before Ruth and I did, so Ruth and I grabbed some lunch and then went over to Willis Tower to check out the skydeck. Unfortunately it was over an hour wait to just get through security and we didn't have that kind of time. We have a BUNCO game tonight! So we froze a little on our walk (so cold on the water today!) and then we took the train home. It was so much nicer to ride the train with Ruth than my kids! The hour flew by and not *once* did she whine about when we would be there or tell me she was "staaaaaaaaarving!!!!" ;) Thanks Ruth!

Some pictures from today.
Okay, the real "before" her hair was in a slicked back ponytail. This was an "office to nice dinner out in a hurry" fix. ;)
Shala and me.

Ruth and Me.

It was fun. Thanks for going with me girls!


Trish said...

I have NO idea who Mario is....but he does look entertaining!