I have the best memories of tulips.

When I was a little girl and the tulips would bloom I would take them to my teachers, one or two at a time, with a wet, wadded up papertowel around the stem inside a plastic baggy so they didn't get droopy on the bus.

I would run outside and think and think about which color, and choose the *best* one I could find.

I still love tulips and they always remind me of my elementary school days and the teachers I would bring them too.

We can't have them in our yard in Tucson because they don't grow there, and we can't have them in our yard in Chicago because of our proximity to the river and the forest preserve, the deer are abundant and apparently view tulips as treats.

So today I took some pictures of a pretty plant I found in town. (Where the deer can't get to them I suppose!)


Jennifer said...

I love tulips so much!!