The last of the pictures.

If anyone reading this knows more information about what is in these pics would you let me know for labeling? I cannot remember half of what I heard! (Ben! That would be you, you recorded it all! ;) Or Denton, you *said* it all.)


Kira watching our "private" screening. ;) She was "bored". I don't feel too sorry for her though.

If you look at the next picture you can see what the ceiling above us here looks like. Pretty cool.

Severs. I know you are so excited. (I bet the IBMers think this is cool though. ;) ) But they take geek to a whole new level. ;) 

Ok. So I'm sorry this is really lame since I can't tell you much about things. Hopefully someone smarter than me will hop on and share the information, and next time I'll take a notebook (or do like Ben and just record the tour, *that* was smart!)


PorshaCoghlan梁子珠 said...
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Jennifer said...

Pictures are still cool! That bottom one almost looks like an IBM lab, though. *shudder*

Heidi said...

Jennifer, it looks like one to my non-discerning eye. I didn't mind staying in the hall. (They didn't want the kids in there)