Today was a little bit better.

I got to bed early, and as we all know, sleeping always makes things seem a little less bleak.

Today Evan didn't have school and Kira had a half day so Ruth and I took the kids for a train ride to a really big park. Just sort of rounded up the neighborhood and off we went.

We had a picnic.

You can see, lots of people had the same idea, the park was really packed.

After the kids ate, they headed off to the skate park. It proved interesting because there were only 2 helmets, two skateboards, two scooters and 6 kids.

My kids got  creative to get around the skateboarding with no helmet thing. ;)

("Moooom! We aren't *skateboarding* we are sitting down!")

Some kids did some real skateboarding though. ;)

I let the helmet rule slide on the scooters for today.

Anyone who knows Evan, knows we don't go far without a pocketful of cars. And a skate ramp is a great hotwheels ramp as well.

Kira convinced me to let her try this because it was "safer". 

Evan brought his cars in his own unique carrying case. It served him well as a chair at the train station as well. ;)

All in all. A *much* happier day. We had to leave though, it got chilly, the wind blew in and the clouds. Storms are coming. Glad for the half day and a chance to have some fun! 


Marlene said...

How fun! The kids look so good. I can't wait to hug them! This has been a long year! I love the un-skateboarding! ahem
And Evan's carrying case for his cars! Maybe you could help him decopage cars on it?

Jennifer said...

Love the decoupage idea! Lol! And skate parks scare me, bravo for letting the kids play! =) Looks like fun, and seriously, is it even possible for Kira to make any non-adorable face?? She's fabulous in EVERY picture!