Architectural Tour of Chicago by boat!

Yesterday we took a tour on the Chicago River. I didn't take down any notes, so I am not exactly a wealth of information. I *am* however, as usual, a wealth of PICTURES! So I took a million. And so since I can't tell you too much, mostly I will just share some fun pics!
Hope you enjoy!
They offered free drinks and cookies. Kira was really happy about this.
The top of Trump tower. I couldn't fit the whole thing in the shot.
I can't remember the name of this building, but I love how it reflects all the buildings around it. It was so cool.
The building wasn't leaning, just me. ;)

Correction (thanks Lorraine) Above is Trump Tower. Below is the Sears/Willis tower. :) The tall black one with the white spire antennae on top!


Helena said...

Cool buildings! I like Kira's flower.

the savvy blackbird said...

The Architectural Tour is my favorite thing to do downtown. I love the longer one that goes out onto the lake through the river lock and down to Navy Pier so you can see the entire Chicago skyline. I love going at sunset, but the lake gets cold even in the summer.