The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago.

Today was a very long day. But it was lots of fun!

I have to admit, I prefer the Field Museum,but I think that has more to do with the fact that I'm not a fan of mob sized crowds, loud spaces, and too many children allowed to run free. And I'm really not a fan of how many parents have no consideration for other kids and don't teach their own children courtesy. It was really unbelievable to me how many people thought they were the only people at the museum today. There really is a fine line between letting your kids have an experience and being entitled.

But Shawn and I agreed that perhaps it is due to spring break that the crowd was so unbelievable, and we are going to head back down on a day less packed.

So here is what I'm talking about, this was the line to get tickets.

Luckily it moved really quickly! That was nice.
Here are todays prices. We also got the U-boat tour, and I think it was well worth it! By far my favorite part of the museum.

The first thing we checked out was this train, on the way out we passed a special sign, and Evan had to pose. ;)

After this, I was hungry. And anyone who knows me, knows that this can rapidly deteriorate into hungry and pissy. So we stopped to have some lunch. For the amount, it should have been the best lunch we ever ate. Alas, it was not. Next time? We take a picnic. Yikes!
(And I really wish there was someone else in my family that could take a decent, flattering picture. I look terrible!)  Not sure what I'm really expecting though, I *am* posing at the food court sign.

And in addition to that, we are back to the "flash? No flash?" dilemma I encounter every time I go to a museum.

Next we saw some ships and some race cars. ;)
 They carved pictures on whale teeth! Who knew? I also didn't realize (hadn't ever really considered it before actually) how large a whale tooth would be!

Kira (remember? my little Al Gore) LOVED this car and had to have a picture with it. ;)

After all of this, Evan needed to meditate. Kira then also needed to meditate.

Don't ask me. I am just the photographer.

More tomorrow. And probably the day after that. There was so much to see and do, and I think it will be easier for me to blog and you to read if I take it one thing at a time.

Tomorrow, we tackle the train room! You will not believe this incredible space! Dang. It was amazing, and really made me wish my dad could have been there too. (Though I suspect we would have had to just come back for him at the end of the day, it's doubtful he would need to see anything else there was to see. ;) )


惠蘋 said...
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Helena said...

When my blood sugar is low, I can get downright irrational and hostile.

Marlene said...

first off - your first commentator said what??????? do you even know who that is??? scarey!
Secondly, Looks like so much fun! The solar car - - did it have room for a driver or was it just powered? looks cool tho! Can't wait to see the train room!