Some favorite shots of my girl.

Just for fun. :)
At 6, Evan is not very cooperative in getting his picture taken. And he always pastes on a goofy face or a really bad fake smile.

Kira though, is just fluid in her beauty. She doesn't even have to try. It makes it really fun to get snapshots of her just *being*.


Helena said...


Jennifer said...

You weren't kidding about the fluidity of her beauty -- it looks so easy for her! Helps to have cute parents. ;) BTW, judging from Todd (or even me, actually), Evan might never outgrow that.

Heidi said...

@Jenn, that isn't very encouraging! :)

Or maybe he'll just be like Shawn. Not smile at all. (He barely grinned in our wedding photos!)

Ah well. I still love them.