Just hanging out in the Burbs!

One of the days Papa and Nonie were here we just spent the day close to home. It was fun to visit a neighboring suburb for the day for shopping and lunch!

So, Papa is a little crazy. And he told Evan that you have to walk like the guy in the crosswalk sign.
So they did this at every crosswalk. (Even downtown Chicago!) It was just too funny.

Showing Ev how it's done.

Kira has never seen a PussyWillow. They were one of my most favorite things growing up, my Grandma had a huge bush in her yard of these and we could cut off as many stems as we wanted. They are sooooo soft!

In the surrounding area where we live there are lots of brewpubs. Shawn and I hadn't been to this one, so we decided to have lunch here. It was really good!
 Or at least Shawn said it was good. I don't drink beer. ;)

The food was tasty though!

Then after lunch Nonie took the kids across the street to a park. We actually ran into someone we knew. How weird is that! It was actually someone Evan knew. He is like my Grandpa was, no matter where we were he would run into someone he knew! It was the craziest thing. I went on vacation with him once as a teen and he ran into people twice from '50 years ago'. Bizarre. Apparently it is genetic, because Evan is forever running into people he knows, and the kid is only 6. Can you imagine him at 80?

In any case, it was his *girlfriend* from school. She spent a good portion of her time trying to kiss him. "Like I do every day at school too!" she declared.

He wasn't too keen on the kissing, but he also wasn't happy about sharing a picture with his girl with his sister.

Look at that scowl! He *really* didn't want Kira in his pictures. ;) 
Too bad though, I'm the mom and said she could.
We just had the best spring break! Thanks for coming Papa and Nonie!


Sunshine and Shadows said...

Papa sounds like a true gem. What a fun day you all had.