Miss Margo's Birthday, a post for you!

Meet Margo. My "niece" by heart if not by blood.

She is turning 11. Today. I cannot believe it. Somehow these girls keep growing older and I feel the same! How does that work?!

Margo makes your heart sing. She is happy, fun, flirty, girly, silly. She is just so beautiful inside and out.

I've known Margo for most of her life, I only missed the first few months. One time when she was just a baby, a little over a  year old her parents took a long weekend and we got to watch her with her sister Laura.
We really wanted to have kids and I was so happy and excited that they entrusted us with their precious girls for a whole weekend.

Unfortunately, Margo got a cold and had a fever and a stuffy nose and a cough. And she just didn't know what to do with herself. I didn't know what to do with a sick baby who wanted her mommy either! So that night I sat upright on a couch and held her so she could sleep. All night, we snuggled on the couch, I wiped her nose, and loved on her as best I could. And even though I wasn't her mommy, I think she knew I was doing my best, because she accepted me and fell asleep. There is nothing like that sweet heavy weight of a sleeping warm baby.  That was the night I fell in love with that little girl.

Margo, you are so kind, and so strong. And you never give up. Not if it is a friend who needs you, or a tough assignment at school, or just a crummy day, I never see you fail to find a smile for someone. The world is lucky you are in it, and I'm lucky to have you in my life!

Miss you girl! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a great year!



Some like it hot said...

Thanks Aunt Heidi! I love you!!
your awesome!