Ten for Tuesday

So I'm not very good at this weekly post thing.

But today rather than doing the million things I should be doing, I was reading blogs. :)

So I'm a blog stalker. I read every post my friends, my sister and my mom write. I read tons of blogs from my message board friends.

I read tons of blogs by perfect strangers too. :)

After you stalk a blog for so long, you eventually start to feel like you know people. Some of them even see your comments and then read your blog. There is just a whole wonderful community of people out there reading and commenting and making you feel a little less insignificant in the world and perhaps a little less sillly for "talking to yourself" on the internet.

So in no particular order, here is who I stalk pretty regularly. Usually they make me laugh, they almost always include tons of great photo's, they make me feel normal with all the mom stuff. I also usually want to be like them when I grow up. ;)

I also did not include you if I know you in real life. :)

In addition some of these are already listed in my blog roll to the right if you scroll down, so you can stalk them too. ;)

1. My Sweet Chaos

Those kids! Those smiles! Those great desert shots that make me homesick. The reality of it all. Just makes me feel normal. I love reading this blog.

2. Quite Contrary

Mary is just funny. Dry. Great kids that rarely cooperate for pictures. Makes me feel pretty normal (if not a bit boring). And her house is just too fun! I love Pemberly!

3.The Creative Junkie

Andy is laugh out loud hysterical. I even read these blog posts out loud to Shawn. You will die. You will need a box of tissue for the tears that will stream down your face. I only wish I was half this funny when I wrote. So do you I imagine.

4.The Good, the Bad, and the Silly

Mignonne is one awesome mommy and cute too boot! She is super crafty and talented (the birthday cake! In my dreams!) and her kids are just darling and talented!

5.Kevin and Amanda

I found this blog when I was looking for some scrapbooking stuff/ideas. And then I never left (and it's been about 3 years) Amanda is just a Jill of all Trades really. Most of all I love the tutorials and all her photography. Her pictures are just fantastic!

6. Kara's Party Ideas

This blog is one of the worst for me. I love planning parties. I love thinking about planning parties. I get sucked into this blog forever. Bad. It's like crack or something.

7. We do it the hard way

Helena is so incredibly talented. And then she passed on her amazing talent to her dd. (Her drawings! Too amazing for her age, seriously!) and then her little boy is just too cute.

8. How Does She...

Ok so this is a cheater post. It is a collaboration of blogs by lots of women and it is a vortex. You go there and you can never leave. It's like the Hotel California of blogs. Ack! So.much.cool.stuff!

9. Hostess with the Mostess

I wish. (that I wrote this blog and was half as cool)

10. Young House Love

I know. It's another decorating blog. I technically I did that already. But like the party planning, its an addiction and it can't be helped.  But check out the new nursery! And the office...and, and, yeah. I know. I'm sad.


Enjoy, leave them a comment (bloggers *LOVE* to get comments! Trust me!) and tell them if you like what you read. Blog love is fun!


Jennifer said...

The Creative Junkie sounds fun! I peeked and already snorted twice. Thanks for your top 10!

**MIGNONNE** said...

I am so honored to have made your list!!! I can't even put into words...

Thank you!

wholarmor said...

I know if you had a number 11, my blog would be on there, lol. I am a follower of many of those blogs you listed. It's a nice way to get ideas and drool over other people's more interesting lives, lol.

Helena said...

Aww, thanks! :)

I love the way Mary can make anything hilarious. I want to be her when I grow up.

Heidi said...

wholarmor: you are too cute! I *ALWAYS* have more than 10 for my darn lists! And your blog is fun to read, and your kids are darling too! :)

Jennifer said...

BTW, have you ever checked out Paper-Source's blog?? http://blog.paper-source.com/

They also have great ideas and workshops on their main site, too. I <3 Paper Source!

Mary said...

You are way too nice! I am addicted to blogs, too. It's sad how little I get done if I start going through my blog list.

Creative Junkie said...

omgosh, I just saw this! Thank you so much for including me - you just made my entire weekend!