Yard Sale Day!

Saturday was our yard sale and we had so much fun.

We started off the day with five families joining together at our house. Joyce, Lori, Ruth, Linda and I set up around 7ish and none of the kids were awake yet. Being the smart mothers we are, we left them to their sleep and enjoyed each other's company in the warm yet overcast morning while we set up.

It was pretty slow going, I think the anticipation of the rain scared off a large number of our shoppers. Darn that weather!

Ruth and Linda:

Lori and Linda taking a break on Joyce's awesome couch! I LOVED this fun couch, wish I could have kept it. :)

Eventually all of the neighborhood children woke up and Kira and Rachel had good luck selling their lemonade to the neighborhood boys. I'm sure you can guess why they did good business! Boys like cute girls. ;)

Other than the boys though, business was super slow. A competition lemonade stand was set up, which IMO was more than a little disappointing, and in addition to that it was chilly and threatening to rain. It wasn't exactly in high demand.

Oh well. They still had fun.

Over all, none of us made much money. The kids did better than the parents combined. Sad really. ;) But the socialization was a blast, and I'm glad I got one more day to relax and hang out with all my great neighbors. I'm REALLY going to miss them!

Part of our "luck" issue was tied to the three hours of rain we endured. ;) It's hard to shop when your merchandise is covered by tarps!

Keith owns the World's Largest Tarp. (I'm not kidding! This thing is still folded numerous times and covered a couch, bookcase,a chair and a table  and was the size of a house!) Lori had to bring it over in a wheel barrow!

The girls abandoned the Lemonade stand in a hurry to play in the basement. They didn't re-open. 

Oh well! It was still fun. :)


Katie said...

Why does the weather always suck for yard sales?!?! I hate that. Glad you had some fun though, I think the socialization part is always the best part of a yard sale though :)

Korky's Mom said...

Look at that fancy lemonade sign! Nice!