Quick Trip to Tucson...didn't go as planned.

I literally took a one day trip to Tucson this week to deliver our sweet little Loco cat to my sister who is going to keep him for us until we get back in a couple of weeks.

So Loco and I flew out Monday evening, and I flew back early this morning....(well that was the plan).

Here we are at the airport. He was in the black bag, curled up as small as he could get with his face in the corner so you couldn't see him. ;) We had an hour delay and everything was backed up so seats were prime real estate. We took the floor.  Don't I look thrilled? Yeah. I only had my cell phone camera and I took about five pictures (looking like a complete dork I'm positive) trying to get one that consisted of more than my nose hair or a boob shot.

When we got there, Luna (Kim's cat) attacked Loco. They didn't take to each other and consequently blamed the people they don't love. So Luna spent her time hissing and growling at me, making sure to let me know of her displeasure, and Loco growled and snarled and hissed at Kim and Jason. I don't envy their time together. ;) I kept looking back, fully expecting Luna to be chasing down my car "WAIT YOU B*TCH!!! YOU FORGOT YOUR DAMN CAT AT MY HOUSE"

While there for one day, I snuck in a little time with Katie who took the day off from work. We had her boys and Liam still thinks I'm sort of cool. (Collin is not so easily convinced, when I said "I'm pretty cool right?" He said "Um...I guess kind of". Great. I see how I rank.

Liam also is a ham, and believes that camera phones were invented for him. He would pose, point, have you take his picture and then would spend several seconds admiring himself and cheering and clapping at how darling he was, then point at you and pose again so you could take another fabulous picture of his cute little self. (What can I say, I indulged the boy!) We also met up with Miwa and Isaac for a bit and shopped around the mall. (Only I didn't actually shop, I just wandered and resisted)

Collin posed for about two pictures and then was busy, busy, no time for me and my camera!

Liam saw the camera and posed.

This was a favorite of his. He kept wanting to see this one again. ;)

Miwa did some shopping for Jesus Bling. She REALLY wanted to get this, but Katie and I told her to hold out, because they always have jewelry sales and we thought she might be able to get it for a better price. ;)  I mean they already came down 19000 dollars! I think she was nervous it would sell if she waited too long, but we were sure it would come down a little more.

She also found some clothes she liked.

She got one of the wigs, but they were out of that belt. (She gets stuff like this to keep the paparazzi off her back)

Lawson and Phoebe had a really nice dinner for all of us, I only managed to take more pictures of Liam. I never can remember there is a camera on this phone (and is it any wonder? Look how awful these pictures turn out! Ack!) But Liam remembered. And said "THAT!" and pointed. Which to him means: Let me pose, I'm so cute and you know you want to take my picture" or "I'm starving! Feed me ice cream".

So I took his picture and my dad fed him the ice cream. We are well trained in this family.

We did one smile and one serious face.

Then I missed my flight the next morning. And had to fly stand by. First I got lucky and made it to Dallas/Fort Worth. Then I grabbed a Starbucks on my way to my next gate and this is what I managed to do:

That was par for the course with my day. That was the entire drink. Not one sip.

I had better luck with my standby flight and got out on the very next flight, so fortunately for me, this was the end of the run. (Until lunch when I ordered a burrito and the guy said "No it's not too spicy at all, very mild" and after 3 bites I had hearburn and Shawn had to stop somewhere else to buy me a sandwich)

I think I just need to go to bed and call it a day. A really.long.day.


Marlene said...

awww - that sucks! I hated to hear of your troubles when you left! Guess we need to through away the old itinary! And your poor Starbucks!
But I'm glad you got so much in on Tuesday! And Daddy enjoyed your visit. I will enjoy you when you get home! Please please safely hurry!
PS, if Liam is pitching a fit, just take out the camera! Stops him every time!

wholarmor said...

That's some amazing Jesus bling, lol. Bummer about the coffee. That makes me want to cry for you. ;) Glad you got a picture of it.
Glad you made it back home! Sounds like an adventure!

Jennifer said...

Man, that totally sucks! I almost cried at the picture of the coffee -- I totally have those days sometimes! I'm glad you got home safe, though, even if it's with heartburn.

BTW, not even just one boob shot?? =)

Soto Family said...

Yes, I am still bummed you didn't let me buy that *awesome* bling-a-licious necklace! What if it sells before the price goes down more??? And what better way to hide from the paparazzi than to have that ENORMOUS Jesus necklace?