Six Flags a continuation...

Lets hope Blogger is feeling more cooperative today!

I don't have much time for talking about the pics, since I should be packing and cleaning rather than blogging. ;)

So for this post and the rest, I'm just going to post pictures. If you have questions about something specific, ask me in the comments section. But this should make things go a little faster. Then I'm going to be down for a week or two while we move across the country and get set back up again.

I'll be back though I promise!

Kira and Shawn loved this ride, Evan was too short so he and I had a treat while we waited. ;)

We waited in a lot of long lines. ;)

So we had to find ways to entertain ourselves.

Ahem. I mean I had to find ways to entertain myself. And luckily I had a camera!

Kira and I sat in the front of the boat so we would get wet. Our theory backfired.


While waiting in this line Six Flags had a power outage. It lasted far too long and they didn't bother to announce there was an issue they were working on or anything. Very poorly handled, IMO.

Some of the kiddie rides were working. So the kids finally decided that they would do that at least.

They were really bored.

And while I am always the self designated family photographer, we keep Shawn around to navigate. Thanks to him, we had a great time, saw most of the park, and didn't get lost one single time! Yay!

Over all, we had a really good day.



**MIGNONNE** said...

It looks like a great park. I love all the pics. But you being gone for a couple of weeks, that is unacceptable. I will miss you. Have a safe trip back home.

nana mac said...

loved the pics as usual!! Laughed out loud when I saw that SHAWN was the wettest of all!! Looks like fun! You know...."I" was always the designated photographer too! Hardly any pics with MOM in them! Good that Shawn got YOU in one! The bored kids...that was a cute shot too!

江婷 said...


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Looks like a great time!

wholarmor said...

Looks like everyone had fun! Boo on the power outage!