Our going away party. :*(

Ruth and Fred so kindly hosted a going away party for us, and it was wonderful!

It was really  nice to see everyone, eat some great food (funny story: everyone brought appetizers to share. There were lots of bean dips and tortilla chips, like 4 different kinds! Everyone said something about they thought of it because we were going back to AZ or whatever. I thought it was so funny that everyone had the same idea. ;) We brought spinach dip!)

Anyway. Here are a few pics from the evening. Thanks so much for having this for us, we had a lovely evening!

Flowers from Ruth's gardens.

Watermelon, I can't believe I forgot to take pictures of all the bean dips and salsa's! I feel like such a failure!

Ruth, Dee, and J. :)

Kira, R. and A. Hanging out in the basement, hiding from the boys! 

Tony and Dee. 

Angela (who made me take this picture 4 times before I got her to smile!), Linda and Lori.

Ron acting like one of the boys. ;) (Do they ever grow up!? Rabbit ears!) Haha! Lori and Joyce.

Ron let me get his picture, most of the men complained. Keith bailed with his little guy who wanted to go home. Shawn wouldn't let me take his picture and none of them wanted the lights on! Men. 

Ruth and Fred. The Hosts of a fantastic party. Thanks everyone for a great evening, but also for a great year! I couldn't have found better neighbors had I tried, it's been such a wonderful experience and I wish we didn't have to leave this wonderful neighborhood! I will miss you all dearly, and promise to come visit!