Maxwell Street

The little Japanese shop is on Halsted, which is right by Maxwell St.

So we had a good time walking up and down the street and hanging out with the bronze statues! The kids loved that part, and I loved reading all the stuff about Maxwell Street.
Really bad picture of Kira, great one of the sign. *Shrug* I wasn't trying to get her in the pic but she insisted on posing there, so meh.

A view down the street.

Isn't that brick street gorgeous!? I love it, adds such character!

A lady with her groceries:

Evan said she looked thirsty.

So Kira had to share with this guy:

These boxes had relief art all around the entire statue and the pictures were of the same people as the bronze statues. We sat next to a musician with his little cigar box for money, but for some reason it is gone, I must have accidentally erased it. :( The kids loved finding the people in the art that they had "met" on the street.

Here is the history of the area from a sign. :) I loved this shortened version of how it used to be. 


DebW said...

I've got Chicago on my bucket list! TFS!

Katie said...

So cool! I love the idea, wouldn't it have been cool to be there during it's hey day? Or do you think it was dirty and gross then? LOL Your kids are too funny giving the statues drinks.

Brandy said...

SUPER cute kids! I LOVE them sharing their drinks!! Funny!!