Six Flags: Great America!

So we have had a super busy week!

Monday we took the kids to Six Flags. In February they had to read for six hours to earn a free ticket through their school. That was easy for my kids to attain! Kira finished in about a week. ;) 

Then there is a buy one get one free special right now, so for $55 all of us were able to get into the park! Great deal!

We had a really good time even though it was pretty humid, and for about an hour and half only the kiddie rides were available (and not even all of those) due to a power outage issue they were having. 

The obligatory picture at the front entrance. Why do we do this to our kids? They are >.< this close to getting in the gate and we stop them and make them say cheese. So mean! 

This lady told them good job on their reading! So nice! 

This is what you see when you get through the gate. So pretty. The carousel was the first ride we went on too. I love that it is a double decker!

This spinning in two directions thing looked much better to me from the ground. :)

The kids did this ride while Shawn talked to someone about the tree falling on our car. 

Then we decided it was time to eat. So we had lunch at Johnny Rockets. Some random lady took my food, then complained about how *her* order was wrong. Stupid woman. So it took an extra long time to get our food and it was also wrong (since it wasn't *our* food) But once we got it, it sure tasted good!

Okay, I'm going to stop here and continue in another post because blogger is giving me fits tonight. Grrr. 

I'll be back with more tomorrow. :)
Plus pictures from Blackberry Farm! So much fun! 


**MIGNONNE** said...

Crazy! The pond and the double-decker carousel look exactly the same as they do in the Great America in San Jose. I just went back about 20 years! It looks like you had a great time.

Helena said...

I've been there! Long time ago.