Lunch with Denton and Jae and Kyle.

I haven't had much time to blog this week. After fishing we had a wonderful lunch that Jae prepared for us while we were fishing. And then Denton and Shawn came back and grilled hot dogs and sausage and corn to complete the meal.

It was really relaxing and the food was yummy. Thanks so much for having us!

When we first arrived this car was parked in front of their house. Evan loved it and wanted a picture of him next to it.

One with Kira:

And one alone: (yes he has on a pirate patch. That has to do with his eye stuff, and I will post a separate blog about that later this week.)

The kids are so funny. I love how big kids can manage to entertain themselves with baby toys for so long.

They all went down and played in the sand box for a bit.

Then it was time to eat.

This salad was so good I had seconds. (and maybe thirds. shhhhh)

Jae shared her lunch with Kyle.

Denton shared his beer. ;)
(okay, not really, Kyle just kept smelling it and then laughing, which made everyone else laugh, so he kept doing it over and over again)

Not sure what Kyle was doing, but it was not smiling for me. ;) 


Jennifer said...

I love the picture of Kyle and Evan sitting in the sandbox, squished next to each other! So cute!