S'mores and good neighbors.

Tonight we had a fire with Lori and Keith and the kids had s'mores.

And played with fire.

Don't worry, Keith taught them fire safety and told them to not get burned. ;)

It was a bit green and smoky, but it kept the mosquito's away, so who's going to complain?

For this shot my flash was up. Kind of a fun effect I though.

This shot was kind of cool, you can see the heat rising up around her.

Z made a s'more for me because he doesn't like them. He just wanted to make one. He caught the top on fire in about 5 seconds, then blew out the flames and brought it to the table. Then he assembled the s'more for me and that took some time. It was interesting to eat a s'more when the marshmallow wasn't even warm. ;) But I did and said thanks, and he was super happy. I do what I have to do you know? :) (and it was chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallow, it couldn't be all that terrible right? :)  )


**MIGNONNE** said...

Great pictures! I love cooking s'mores over an open fire. I hope to get into the canyon soon so we can make some. I wasn't a huge fan until I tried making them with a Reeses cup instead of plain chocolate. Oh my goodness. It is so much better. Promise me you will try it.

Brandy said...

LOVE the pics!! And I love fires AND smores!! YUM!

Sunshine and Shadows said...

As soon as the wood dries out back, I need to go make a fire in the fire pit. Smores - yummy!

Anonymous said...

善言能贏得聽眾,善聽才能贏得朋友。 ............................................................

Heidi said...

Kind words can win the audience, good to listen to win friends.

That is the Google translated version of the above. It's in Chinese.:)

Katie said...

LOL Thanks for the translation :)

I am so jealous. I miss the fire pit in the back yard all surrounded by grass! And I've had a few s'mores like that myself, only usually it's how I made them :)

Chris gave me a great idea about roasting marshmallows too, instead of doing a s'more you can just stick an M&M inside the marshmallow before you roast it. Then the chocolate melts and yummy! We didn't have any M&M's with us though so I'll have to try it another time :(