New Bento!

We have had a really crazy busy few days since school let out. 

Yesterday we headed down town to Kawaii, a little Japanese Shop to pick out some new Bento stuff for the kids lunches next year.

I got lazy this year and barely packed Kira any lunches, but I have new motivation to get back with it for next year for both kids because I really believe that menu choices that are considered "balanced" by our government are a joke. And I don't want my kids eating that food daily. Some days I imagine it will have to be what they eat because I will be in school, but I"m hoping to make it the exception rather than the rule.

Anyway. All that aside Kawaii is a cute little shop and the parking was only $2! Can't beat that! 

First we played a bit.  Evan found these funny plastic hats and masks. 

Kira said "Oh great, you are going make me wear this and then put it on your blog, I just know it!"

 I said "Say cheese!"

Then the kids found these eraser/rubber toy/puzzles. (I have not a clue what they even are! But they were cute and fun and a buck so I said "Sure you can get that")

I'm a sucker for office products so when Kira said the magic word "eraser" I couldn't say no. But once they were open, I'm not sure that they are supposed to be an eraser. They opened them and threw away the package there so I don't know what it said (Not that I can read Japanese, but I'm sure someone could have helped me out! Oh well.)

So the Bento was what we came for and I wasn't disappointed! They had great prices and a great selection. The other side had more. I got Evan two boxes plus and extra (Kira already has two but she talked me into a fun one with a pink bunny on it). I also got some picks, and a couple of egg molds and a press for rice that I've also seen used as a cutter and press for sandwiches which is really fun too. We also got some extra bands because Kira seems to lose those and I'm not sure how. For less than $2 each they were a bargain!

I also let the kids pick out some goodies from this wall. Kira declared that Japan has much better candy than Mexico. ;) (Not so into the sweet/spicy aspect I guess.) 

The picked up  a treat that was a cookie/cracker type stick with a chocolate frosting-like dip for a treat. They devoured them. 

But first we went to Quizno's which is right next door. 

Now. Let me just say, I thought that this would be uneventful, much like any other trip to Quizno's I've ever taken. But it was not. It was something right out of science fiction! (I will now do a fabulous ad for Pepsi, much like the one I did for Old Navy, I should get paid in free diet pepsi for a year or something equally fabulous. Think it will happen? A girl can dream)

Anyway. So we go in and we order our food and I get the drinks and I tell the kids to pick a chair while I fill our cups.

And behold. 

I wanted so desperately to say "Computer, tea. Earl Grey. Hot" 

Alas, it is a touch screen. But we are getting closer! ;) 

Evan chose Wild Berry Mt. Dew. When I said "Um...are you sure?" and he responded "Yes, duh! You  know why mom. Pop. He loves Mt. Dew and so do I, but I like to add a little fruit to mine" ;)

Then we sat at the high table (after I finished photographing the Pepsi machine of course, I can only imagine what the poor employees must have been thinking, college kids. They probably think I'm insane.)

The kids ordered pizza. How lame is that?

And we sat at the high table. Evan demonstrates just HOW high our table was. ;)

We took a little walk after lunch, but I'll make a new post for that. :)

Just for fun:


Korky's Mom said...

I love bento boxes! They are so much fun to have for lunch.

Katie said...

I don't care about the bento boxes (way too complicated for me ;)) but I LOL at the Star Trek reference. I would have thought the same thing!

wholarmor said...

That soda machine is so cool!

I'd love to see some of the bentos you make. Sounds like you got some fun stuff!