Sears Tower Part One: Getting to the top.

Today I braved the train and downtown alone with two kids.

I was feeling pretty confident in my ability to:
A. Take a train by myself and get back on the correct train at the end of the day.
B. Not lose a child in the process.
C. Find my way to the Sears Tower, that is now called the Willis Tower and I don't care. Because I think Willis is a jerk. What Choo talkin' 'bout?
D. I'm a little sad that Gary Coleman died. Talk about  a train wreck though.
E. I wasn't afraid of a train wreck, though maybe I should have been had I known what the weather was going to do shortly after we boarded the train to go home.

So. With that said, we drove to our train about 15 min. later than I wanted to head out because my keys were missing. Turns out that wasn't actually my fault this time. Shawn used them last! Whew! Never the less, we hit the crossing for the train...on the wrong side as our train pulled into the station. So for an hour we drove around and hit a couple of yard sales to kill time.

Waiting for the train:

Once we managed to catch our train, things went pretty smoothly. We had lunch at Union Station, because "It's too hoooooot! Pleeeeease, mom, don't make us walk around to find a place to eat!".

Then we headed over to the tower.
Checking out the Chicago River right outside Union Station.

Skydeck prices for today:

Mug shots. Seriously, they were acting as though they were being arrested. And Kira has a dirty face.

Good times. Black mail pictures are always extra nice to have on hand for those teen years. ;)

Once they cram you into the elevator like sardines, they give you a ride to the top with a show. Your ears pop. It's a short ride for how many floors you are traveling. 103. In case you are wondering.

Almost there!


Wingnut said...

Wow! That is some tower! You got some *great* shots. My favorites are the one where the kids are hugging and when your daughter is trying to hold up your son so he can see out the scope :) Glad you missed the storm fun though. Was the car damage bad?