Two baby Girls are on the way!


And with that, and an inspiring post over at Quite Contrary I decided a nursery inspiration post was in order! (And I loved what Mary posted, so I didn't include them in my own post, hence the link. Check it out!)

So keeping that both of my sisters have different tastes, but not *too* different, I have found lots of great pictures over at Rate My Space to pull a ton of inspiration from when I get to help them design and decorate their nurseries! (And I also have to do something for my own sweet girl who has waited for 2 years!) All this while attending school full time and parenting? No problem! ;)

What I love about this room is that the art could be so easily replicated! And with the neutral paint on the walls, and the dark furniture, I could easily make something like this happen for Katie. (hint, hint).

Ok, I must say that I adore this room so much! And I think this look could be achieved using a dark wood or white crib. And I could paint that tree no problem. And that blue for the backdrop? ***LOVE***

This is just so soothing to me. I love the stripes so much.

Now this I'm actually posting because I'm stealing this idea, putting it into purples and blacks and making this happen for Kira. She has a daybed that needs paint, and I'm going for black baby. And then lavender walls, and dark purple swirls, and polka dots! What on earth is not to love!?

Look at that door painted out? And that sweet full length mirror. Perfect for dress up now, and checking-yourself-out as a tween in just a couple more years.

So, Brie, Katie, what do you think? Any love here for you? Any elements you want adapted for your spaces? Any of them you think are terrible?

And remember, you can use the design and not the colors. So don't get hung up on that. Check out the details and see if you like anything.

Comment here and let me know!


Katie said...

I love them all! The one with the tree is super cute, but I'm thinking my husband might be thinking something more girly than blue though...hmmmm....

And the one for Kira is soooooo sweet! I can't wait to see you do that one :)

Chris Durnan said...

Also i can cut long strips of vinyl with anything you want. We just need to design it. h&H supply has cheap vinyl. or if you want to paint we can cut the image out of transparency and use it for a ask. oh the ideas... :-) fun fun!

wholarmor said...

That black and pink room is very cool!
I like the blue and pink and brown one, too!