A play date with friends!

Today was a play date at the park. Unfortunately someone forgot to invite mother nature, so she got mad and rained on our plans. ;)

Traci, Christy and I met up at McDonalds to let the kids play in the play place. On our way we stopped and picked up George and Grace.

The kids played really nice together and other than one minor mishap when George cut his toe (yuck and ouch!) it went really well.

Here are the kids playing and hanging out with their buddies. :)

(Don't we all make the most adorable kids ever? I took a picture of all the kids but they were all blurs of motion. The shots I did get were still not very good, I think my camera was on some kind of odd setting, none of the pictures turned out well. I may have to have it looked at. Blur is not good when you take pictures of kids.) So here is what I managed.

Two of Christy's four. :) See? Cute! What did I tell you!?

George, Traci's youngest, Kira and Grace.

I was cracking up at George and Grace, I took this three times and yet they were constantly looking in opposite directions from each other and never at the camera! Kira and C. were too cute, but tired of smiling for me, so I gave up. ;)

Talk about blurry! These two were full of boundless energy, slowing down long enough to take a picture about killed them I think!

After the kids ate we opened up the Happy Meal toys. Grace started cracking up and she held it up and said "This is the worst toy EVER!" Then doubled over in a fit of giggles. So stinking cute!

I took a picture of her making a funny face when she showed me the toy, but it didn't turn out very good at all.
But I did get this cute shot. The quality of the photo is marginally better, helped along by adorable subject matter.

It was a nice way to spend a rainy gloomy summer morning.


Marlene said...

So the lesson here is invite mother nature? Sorry your day got messed up but aren't you thankful for McD's playlands?!?!

Ariana said...

That is too funny because when my girls opened the SAME toy they said it was a dumb toy, too! lol

wholarmor said...

We went to McDonalds yesterday and got the same dumb toy, lol.

Brandy said...

Ugh I hate when Mother Nature misses the memo about park days!! Looks like everyone had a fun time regardless! :)