Sears Tower Part Two: What a View!


Truly amazing looking out at gorgeous Chicago on a sunny day from 103 stories up in the sky.

Looking South:

Adler Planetarium:

The Field Museum:

Soldier Field (behind those buildings there):

Looking East:

A little North East:


The kids looking down and eastward:

Out on the Sky Deck. There are three. We went into all of them. Evan only crawled in the first one, then he felt confident and safe and was cool with the next two. He is *so* brave! There were grown people who wouldn't step out on them, and one man and one woman (in different groups) who actually crawled out themselves, sat in a sort of squat for a photo and then crawled out. It is really terrifying for a lot of people.

Kira was hugging Evan after he stood up so he felt safe.

Can you see the sky boxes? Pretty high up there:

Here, let me zoom in a bit:

See that sky? Within an hour of us leaving a crazy storm blew in. It blew out windows in the tower!

Storm blows out windows at 110-story Chicago tower
CHICAGO — A swift-moving storm carrying high winds and pelting rain knocked out windows at Chicago's 110-story Willis Tower.
Police on Friday roped off areas around the imposing black building long known as the Sears Tower. Chicago Battalion Chief Michael Gubricky says windows were blown out in a 29th-floor air conditioning mechanical room and a 25th-floor unoccupied office.
Glass was on the sidewalk, but no injuries were immediately reported near the tower. Authorities say a woman did receive minor injuries from flying glass at the downtown Daley Center blocks away.
Chicago fire officials say another person was seriously injured by a falling tree on the city's west side.
The National Weather Service says winds in excess of 70 mph were recorded as the storm whipped into Chicago.

How crazy is that!? So glad we missed all the excitement. We missed some at home too, when a tree fell on our car! Check back for pics of that fun stuff tomorrow. Crazy day!


wholarmor said...

Glad you missed the windows blowing out! I would have been very nervous to go out on the skydeck. Your pictures are great, though! I've been up in the Empire State Building before. That was cool.

rosie said...

Those are amazing photos! I really want to visit Chicago someday (in warm weather)-it's beautiful, especially the water in the background.

Marlene said...

Oh my goodness! Evan, I am very proud of you! You know what? I'm not sure I would have gone out there! It scared me to just look at the pictures. Seriously. I even felt dizzy. So I don't know how you did it. You are very very brave for sure! And I love that you, Kira, were so sweet about hugging him and helping him to feel safe. And I was really glad to see that Baby Jaguar was with you on the skywalk and not left on the telescope! (Yes, I saw her!)
Heidi, what an amazing photographer you are. Stunning pictures, absolutely stunning! And I'm glad you found someone to take your pictures as a family group. What an wonderful adventure to remember Chicago by!

TMTCO said...

Wow, your pictures are unbelievably amazing! I recently saw a show on the Discovery Channel about how they clean those Sky decks. It was very cool, the way they retract them. I am so proud of your kiddos (and you) for heading out there! :)

Jennifer said...

Holy cow, what a close miss! And those pictures are spectacular! I don't know if I would have been able to step out onto the sky deck. And I wonder how many people would go out on that thing and jump?

**MIGNONNE** said...

Oh my gosh that is so cool! My kids saw this and were like "We have to go there!!!" By the way your kids are the cutest.