It's entirely possible that I will never get this song out of my head.

There are some things that Chicago takes very seriously. (Not their politics of course. ;) )

Nope, I'm talking about their sports.

We became Cubs fans by default. With  a brother in law like Terry, and then living in the North Suburbs, there is no way around it. You are a fan. Own it. Buy the gear. Go to the game. Talk about it.

Then the Blackhawks made it to the Stanley Cup.

I've watched more hockey in the past two weeks than ever in my life (and I'm saying that's been about 3 min. before now. Now we are up to about 15)

If you want to know what on earth everyone on the news, in the store, on the radio is talking about, then you have to know what is going on in Hockey right now.

So since everything is all Blackhawks all the time every moment my head is filled with this song. (I put in the video special for you so you can hear it too! Misery loves company right!?)

Now actually I feel happy because for once I have heard the ENTIRE song. And I need that. Because otherwise I have that ear worm of nothing but one part of a song running through my head and I can't get it out because I don't know any more of the song! And for what it's worth, I *really* like the song.

So. That mini-vent over. GO BLACKHAWKS!!!!


Marlene said...

OK I listened to this whole 'song' and can't figure out what it has to do with the BlackHawks? What am I missing? Or maybe, nothing?

Heidi said...

It has nothing to do with them. They just play that part where they sing but not "words" when they win. And as the background song for everything on the news/radio.

Anyway. So I *loved* it. And I checked them out on itunes and bought the whole album! It's right up my alley. How great is that!

Shawn said...

They playing the singing part up to about 00:58 when the Hawks score a goal or win the game when at home and its "Let's Go Hawks." My silly wife needs to watch about 20 minutes of hockey....

rosie said...

I am living in the opposing camp (outside Philadelphia) and it's crazy here, too. I honestly am not interested in hockey, so I keep forgetting that I am supposed to be saying "go flyers" all the time.